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Legal Structure

You've probably worked out by now that we're not a normal business – well, you're right. Roots has been established by a group of friends with their local community in mind. We wanted this to be woven into the very fabric of the organisation – so we've establised Roots as a Community Interest Company (CIC). 


A CIC is a type of company designed for social enterprises that want to use their profits and assets for the good of the local community. Simply put, this means that all our profits are to be reinvested into the sustainability of Roots, and to support the work of Roots and other organisations locally. 


This in turn means we have written into our articles of association specific items referring to our assets, our profits, and our purpose to make sure all that’s been invested goes back into the work and the local community. You can read an extract here. The full articles have to be approved by the government CIC regulator and are then held by Companies House. 


Our CIC is also limited by guarantee, which means we have no shareholders, but a membership. No one has a majority of control or voting rights, and no one even has the option to withdraw profits – it all gets put back into the project and to supporting the local community. 


We aim to be a profitable business and will be run as efficiently as possible to be self-sustainable and profitable, however we are not-for-profit, i.e. profit is not our purpose.


Members get no benefits per se, just responsibility. They choose who runs Roots and how, so it's important that they are sympathetic to Roots' values. That's why anyone wishing to become a member needs to have had at least six months' engagement with Roots first, and why any applicant will need the support of existing members and the approval of the board. 



We have a governance board, which has overall responsibility for Roots CIC and ensures we stick to our vision and values.




A day-to-day management team takes care of the coffee shopcommunity space

kitchencourses and events. It's their job to make sure everything runs smoothly, and that it's plenty of fun too!  

our supporters

Support for Roots has come in different shapes and sizes – only some of it financial. But it has all been significant in getting us where we are today. Special thanks goes to:

...and most significantly a bunch of local friends giving time, money and encouragement to see a dream become a reality - you know who you are!

We also feel huge support being part of the Kingsholm community through relationships, encouragement, and prayer. Thank you to all of the local community organisations, public bodies, churches, the school, and so many friends.

our friends

Thank you!

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