Zero Waste Shop

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Roots Refills!

the Vision

We are opening a plastic free, zero waste, refill shop selling food, cleaning products and more
and addressing food poverty in Kingsholm!
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green is sexy right?

The Refill Shop

We believe that great food shouldn’t cost the earth, food waste is unacceptable, and that no child should go to bed hungry in our neighbourhood. To that end Roots Refills will look to radically change the way food is bought, eaten and shared in Kingsholm!

Our shop will be stocked with dry cupboard essentials, cleaning and hygiene products as well as a few surprises like make your own peanut butter, pick and mix and frozen takeaways! 

The ethos of the shop will be around inclusion, which means from day one we're going to price all our products as low as we can so everyone gets a chance to shop plastic free. 

but there's more...

Tackling food poverty

The heart of the space will be a beautiful and sustainable shop, but we will also be playing our part in reducing food waste and addressing local food poverty

We're planning to turn food destined for landfill into healthy frozen takeaways in biodegradable packaging. We will partner with local organisations and families to prepare these meals, teaching people to cook as we go

These meals will be available free of charge, for a small donation or customers can pay it forward if they are able

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we are community

Let's do this together

Roots has always (and will always!) be a community project, which means we're only as strong as our community backing

Roots Refills is no different, we need your support to get this project off the ground. 

The simplest and most effective way you can support us is by contributing towards our crowdfunder campaign! 

Click the link below to see how you could contribute