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About Us

Roots was born when a group of friends put their heads together to imagine how Kingsholm could be the best it could be for everyone. Since then the group of members has grown and the vision lives on!

Building a Community

Roots was started by a group of friends from the local area with a passion for seeing Kingsholm flourish. We’re inspired by the words and actions of Jesus Christ. That means putting people first – so we hope you’ll feel valued, welcomed and right at home!

coffee & community

The Coffee Shop

Downstairs, you’ll find a coffee shop serving ethically sourced coffee and delicious, affordable locally sourced food. There is a large community table designed for big groups, or to share, plus plenty more seating. We also have a dedicated kids’ area with space for the little ones to play.


Upstairs is our coffee lounge, a lovely peaceful spot to sit and work or just relax. We have free Wi-Fi, books and board games for you to enjoy.  

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Making Coffee

care, not just coffee

Our Ethical Coffee

All our coffee is purchased directly from the coffee farmers who grow it and they are paid fairly for their product. The fantastic company that provides it is Ethical Addictions wholesale coffee beans who are based in Gloucester.

Zero Waste ...

New Refill Shop!

Our new zero waste refill shop has just opened around the back of our coffee shop. Through the support of a crowdfunding campaign and our local community we plan to tackle food poverty.


Food, cleaning products, and homewares are all sold at affordable prices available for everyone.

Prepared Meals

Coming Soon

Community Meals

The next step in supporting more people is creating a sustainable community meal program.

Using leftover fruit and vegetables we can create frozen ready meals available to take and purchase. We hope to make these meals together, as a community sharing knowledge, recipes and passion as we go!